Katharina Yakovina Paintings




May 2002 - The story "The main words" by Katharina Yakovina was published in "The World Healing Book" ISBN 13: 9789979953111. His Holiness the Dalai Lama participated in this book. Sufi Master Muhammed Zuhri, Rabbi Michael Lerner, poet laureates Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Rita Dove are also participants of the project. The project has brought together more then 150 poets, religious leaders, artists and thinkers from around the world. Their voices and visions offer hope and healing. The simple wish for peace in the heart and in the world. Editor is Birgitta Jonsdottir from Iceland. 


1997 Solo exhibition of photos and pictures. Gallery-103. St. Petersburg, Russia

1998 International group exhibition. Tubal Cain Gallery.Contemporary Arts Foundation. Scotland, Harrogate.

1998 Group exhibition. Abraham Lubelski Gallery, 473 and Broadway Gallery, 450. New York, USA.

1999 Group exhibition. Art-Polygon Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.

1999 The book of poems "Only the serious people". The poems by A. Aleynik, New York, USA. Illustrations and

cover design by Katharina Yakovina.

1999 Group exhibition. Art-Polygon Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

1999 International group exhibition. Change Room Gallery, London, England.

1999 International group exhibition. Keio University, Japan.

1999 International Digital Art Exhibition. India. The Oxford Bookstore and Art Gallery, Calcutta, India.

2000 International group exhibition. Circular Art Gallery, Nehru Center, Worli, Mumbai, India.

2000 The group exhibition. Art Polygon Gallery. St. Petersburg, Russia

2000 Solo exhibition. Harmonia Mundi, Bayonne, 5 rue Port-Neuf. France.

2001 Exhibition of two artists. Bayonne, France.

2001 Exhibition of digital art . Museum of non-conformism art. St. Petersburg, Russia

2001 Ekaterina is the finalist of International Digital Art Awards 2001, Australia.

Top 100 images of the world.

2001 International group exhibition for finalists of International digital art awards (IDAA)

The Noosa gallery Queensland, Australia.

2002 The finalist of International Digital Art Awards 2002, Australia. Top 100 images of the world.

2002 International group exhibition. East Hawaii Cultural Center, Hawaii, USA.

2002 International group exhibition. The Counihan Gallery, Sydney, Australia.

2002 International group exhibition. The Art for Life Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica.

2003 International group exhibition. Cork Gallery, Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center. 65th Broadway, New York, USA.

2003 Participation at the World Poetry Day in March, 21, Italy.

2004 The exhibition of two artists. Municipal Art Gallery, Dax, France.

2004 The representation of the poems at the Galeria Art I Joc, Spain.

2006 The project “Written Women” by the artists Katharina Yakovina and Pierre Bordenave in the t
he Museum de Borda, Dax, France.

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The poems and stories were published

1. Book “Poetic Voices Without Borders”, publishing Gival Press,
Arlington,Virginia, USA
2. The World Healing Book, publishing Beyond Borders, Iceland
3. “Arlington Literary Journal”, USA
4. Magazine “The Orphan Leaf Review”, England 5. The IDEA #5, India
6. Magazine “ArtFocus”, Canada
7. Newspaper “GLOB”, city Berat, Albania, 2010
(Translated in Albanian lng was made by YZEDIN HIMA)

Media Coverage:

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Newspaper "Smena". Article "The four kings", St. Petersburg, Russia, 1999.
Magazine "India Today", India, 1999.
Indian interior design magazine "Outside, Inside" (February, 2000).
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Bengali TV - broadcasting out of Hong Kong.
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"Digital Photography Magazine", Australia, 2001.





Photo Gallery

Poet Alexander Aleynik, Ekaterina Yakovina and excellent St. Petersburg´s poets after the presentation of the book "Only the serious people" by Alexander Aleynik in the Museum of the poet Anna Akhmatova, St. Petersburg

Artist Yury Nikiforov (paintings are in the collections of

the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg)

and Ekaterina Yakovina in 1997 in St.Petersburg

Poet Alexandr Aleynik and Ekaterina Yakovina in 1997 in St. Petersburg.

Artist Oleg Dozortsev and Ekaterina Yakovina in the 90th


Artists: Anatoly Zaslavsky, Dmitry Shagin (Mitki Artist) and Ekaterina Yakovina.


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